What is Zombs.io:

Zombie survival game in which you have to build defences and towers to defend yourself from the zombie hordes that appear at night. Explore the area and harvest resources to build your defences with. Make sure to upgrade your defences as each wave of Zombies are more powerful than before. Build gold mines to acquire more gold used in upgrades. The longer you survive, the better your score.

How To Play:

  • Start off by harvesting nearby resources by going upto it and left clicking.
  • Put down your gold stash to start generating gold
  • Zombies will appear at night. They will attack your stash in which you can left click next to them to hit them
  • Build defences and structures using resources acquired. You can access the shop by pressing ‘B’
  • To unselect, Esc or right click
  • Quick upgrade – E, Quick Sell – T, Cycle Weapons – Q, Party Menu – P.


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