What is Pie.ai:

We are making an exception for the .io domain on this game, mainly because it is so cute and we just wanted to include it on the website. An eat-them-up game, your mission is to eat the cakes, tables and other players around the map. Eat items to pick them up and use them at another part of the map. Keys are used to unlock blocks and skills, hammers are used to remove pins. Use any skills unlocked from the bottom of the screen. Eat smaller players to level up faster and avoid the larger players so you don’t become someones dinner. You can move as many blocks as you like by just clicking on a square on the screen. Avoid the bombs being dropped by drones and their expanding red jammy areas!.

How To Play:

  • This game only uses the left mouse click to move/eat/attack and use skills along the bottom of the screen.
  • Click on any square on the screen to jump to it
  • Eat cakes, borders, items and enemies to level up
  • Eat heal packs to heal yourself. Jump in the hole left behind to heal yourself even more and avoid enemies
  • Attack an enemy will reduce their health meter until you eat them entirely up.
  • Keep an eye on your health so you don’t lose
  • Level up to get bigger and explore the map to unlock skills


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