What is Kazap.io:

Another dog eat dog game set in space!

Collect orbs to grow and repair your craft. Avoid and shoot at all spaceships. By shooting and exploding your enemy, you can then eat the orbs they leave behind. Keep an eye on your own health during combat and use boost to escape if things get too hairy. Larger targets will have more damaging shots whilst smaller enemies will outrun but still do some serious damage to you, so be careful out there. Boost takes time to recharge, so use sparingly. Use your brake also to make your turns sharp rather than slipping around.

How To Play:

  • Up or ‘W’ to move forward
  • Down or S to move backwards
  • Left/’A’ and Right/’D’ to turn left or right. Be warned, turning is slippy!
  • ‘K’ or ‘X’ to fire your weapon
  • ‘L’ or ‘Z’ to stop
  • Use Spacebar or Shift sparingly to boost
  • Collect the orbs to grow, shoot down your enemies and boost out of harms way


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