What is

You play as a rampaging brute, out to beat up all the other ogres and become the biggest of them all, enough so to move onto the next level. Use pickups to help defeat enemies and collect the orbs they drop to grow bigger. There are plenty of options to customise your character in the game. The game is still in beta, but works very well and many updates still to come, so make sure to check back regularly.

How To Play:

  • You can either use controller, mouse or keyboard to play this game
  • Using Controller, use the thumbsticks to move and ‘A’ to attack
  • On keyboard, use WASD to move and ‘Enter’ or ‘Space’ to attack
  • On mouse, use right click to move and left click to attack. You can also use keyboard and mouse together
  • When fighting, you can jab by clicking the attack button, or charge your shot by holding the attack button
  • Make sure to hit enemies whilst they’re down and stunned.
  • Press ‘Esc’ to open the side menu for options and instructions
  • Collect orbs to heal, grow in size, level up and evolve into stronger monsters with more health
  • Collect pickups to use as weapons against enemies


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