Blocker (

What is Blocker:

Blocker ( is a survival rpg in which you explore the map, looking for coin, quests and team mates to buddy up with against the other sides. You can choose your character and team colour of four at the beginning of the game. Find houses to obtain a quest, completing quests will reward you with items. Look out for other buildings that you can take over, which you can take over from over teams and if your carrying a flag, can turn into shops for your team, where you can purchase upgrades and items. Money is obtained by looting and killing enemies and monsters.

Watch out for when it becomes night, as there are more monsters that become vicious, so stay closes to sources of light. There are also bosses, so make sure to be upgraded and have a team before taking them on. You need to capture the castles using your team flag, holding them for as long as possible in order to win the game.

How To Play:

  • Use WASD to move your character.
  • Use your mouse to point your character in a direction
  • Left click to attack monsters and players on other teams. Be careful not to hit anyone on your own team
  • Hit animals and trees with animals to heal up
  • Look out for shops and houses with quests, plus your team flag and castles to be taken over


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