What is

War never changes, and Bellum is going to test your mettle. Use your military might to take over enemy bases, taking over their armies and going on to rule the world. This is a real time strategy war game in which you’re going to be attacked from all sides, whilst trying to juggle your own offensive moves. You can try to build relationships and truces with the fellow players, playing for sometimes over an hour with them, but expect to be betrayed towards the end when everyone starts to get desperate for points.

Use the lay of the land to create bottlenecks that will stop opponents taking you over in a blink of an eye. A tip for those new to the game, invest in your military might, and spam the ‘Military Might’ button to obtain extra free credits that you’ll desperately need to defend and attack. For best results,I recommended to play Bellum on a 1080p monitor, and music on in the background, as you’re going to be here for awhile!

How To Play:

  • To move your camera view, click on the screen and drag.
  • Click on a square to either take over a square or upgrade your stationed troops.
  • Take over the star squares, the ‘bases’ that allows you to expand the number of military investments.
  • Spend military might credits to attack, upgrade a square or invest in your military might obtainment rate
  • Click on the ‘Military Might’ button constantly to obtain free credits
  • Click on the ‘Alliances’ tab to view offers of alliance. ‘Player’ tab allows you to create alliances.


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