What is

One of the original .io games that kickstarted the genre. You start off as a blob, and your objective is to eat smaller blobs and players, avoiding from being eaten yourself by anyone bigger, trying to become the biggest blob in the game. Expect some experts, who are absolutely massive.

How To Play:

  • To move, move the mouse around the screen which the blob will follow.
  • Eat smaller blobs than yourself
  • Avoid larger blobs that will eat you
  • Shoot blobs as an offering (and to make yourself smaller) by pressing W.
  • Split into smaller pieces by pressing space. This will allow you to travel quicker, but susceptible to attack.
  • Use green thorny blobs to hide under when small from larger blobs, avoid these thorny blobs when you’re large, otherwise you’re forced to split into smaller blobs.


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